When I first started out as a photographer, I spent a good part of my savings on a good camera and only one lens. This combination had worked very well for me for the following few years. For this journey, I wanted to recapture the feeling of having minimal equipment. It would be great to take the old Leica and lens out again, but it would not be practical, mostly because it would have been almost impossible to buy film as I traveled, and to bring along a quantity of film that will last for 5 months would have burdened me with a load impossible to handle, not to mention the hassles of going through customs and transport security. So I brought along a digital camera with a fixed lens, the Fuji X100S, the next best thing.


My wife Rebecca Ng has never been interested in taking photographs, but during the voyage, she took photographs of the view from the porthole of the cabin every day, when she got out of bed and when the weather changed or during loading and unloading of containers. These photographs are now linked together into a time-lapse video showing the changes of the sky and the sea, as well as the changes in the configuration of containers.